11th Annual Matt Miller Police Motor Skills Challenge Rules

General Rules

Riders will only be full-time, part-time, or retired law enforcement officers who are or previously were assigned to a motorcycle unit.

Riders will operate an approved law enforcement-style motorcycle

  • The motorcycle may be a Harley-Davidson, BMW, Yamaha, Kawasaki, or any other make that is used for law enforcement duty work.

There will be three (3) divisions:

  • Division 1 Motorcycle Class: Harley-Davidson, NO Fairing
  • Division 2 Motorcycle Class: Harley-Davidson or Victory, Fairing
  • Division 3 Motorcycle Class: Metric Bikes, All-Others

All riders will wear appropriate safety equipment including a helmet, which must be secured and fastened while operating on the track.

There will be two (2) courses; every rider will ride both courses once for time.

There will be an Individual Challenge Ride; a bonus will be given to the riders whom complete the Individual Challenge Ride clean. The bonus will be 5 seconds.

There will be an Individual Slow Ride, and a Team Slow Ride; each will be its own event without a bonus to the main event.

In order to be eligible for Mr. Rodeo, riders must compete in both skills courses, the Challenge Ride and the Individual Slow Ride.

For Team Ride events, riders will be required to ride with another competing member from their agency, if applicable. If a rider does not have another member of their agency competing, they may team up with another solo rider.

Scoring / Penalties

Time for any events begins when the rider leaves the start box, and ends when the rider stops the motorcycle within the marked stop box with their foot down.

If a rider stops the motorcycle over the stop box line, the penalty is the time taken until the rider moves the motorcycle back within the marked stop box.

If a rider drops the motorcycle within the stop box, the rider MUST pick the motorcycle up, remount, and have a foot down to count as a stop.

Course Ride Penalties:

  • Cone, barrier wall, etc. dislodged from its location to include cones knocked down or spun from its location to the point where a scoring judge must correct the cone to the correct position: 2 seconds.
  • Rider drops motorcycle within the course: Time taken to upright.
  • Rider puts foot down: 2 seconds. This penalty will only be applied for one movement or evolution, for example, if a rider must back the motorcycle in the exercise in order to correct or continue the movement, only a single penalty will be applied.
  • If a rider rides out of a course, they MUST re-enter the course where they exited: Penalty is time taken to correct.
  • There will be a “clean ride” bonus for each clean run of 5 seconds deducted from the rider’s time for that run. For two (2) clean runs, there will be a total of 15 seconds deducted from the combined run time for that rider.
  • The Top Five Run-Off riders will be calculated based upon overall time from both skills courses, the Individual Slow Ride and the Challenge Ride.
  • There will be a Top Five Run-Off where the top five (5) riders will compete for time, minus any violations. The top five riders will be selected by combining both times, as well as the bonus earned from the Challenge Ride. The winner of the run-off will be Mr. Rodeo.